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Loop Bezel Pendant Challenge

Updated: Jun 19

For this new challenge I chose to display a tutorial which might be familiar to some of you. The reason I chose this project is because I felt it might be discouraging for some of you, BUT I want you to try your hands in these techniques and to see that it's not as hard as it looks. This braiding / weaving technique is just simply gorgeous, and I am sure you will find it very useful to incorporate it in your new, own designs.

Wish you good luck!

Add a picture of your result in the comment section at the bottom of this post, and get a chance to win a 25 Euros coupon for tutorial downloads. This challenge will be active until the 15th of June 2024. Have a lot of fun and happy wire wrapping.

Can't wait to see your results.

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Erika Pal
Erika Pal
19 cze

Thank you to everyone who participated in this beautiful wire wrapping challenge. Your jewelry is absolutely beautiful and I love to see how some of you added an extra touch to the design.

As promised, I added all your names to the name picker wheel, so let's see who is the lucky participant of this month. Again, thank you to everyone and please come and join the new challenge as well (to be posted very soon).


Thank you for this challenge, I hope the next will be a bracelet or ring!


My version according to your tutorial. Thanks for chance 😉


I went down in gauge to 22 for base wires and 26 for weaving. I loved working this tutorial and I absolutely love my little pirate. Thanks Erica!


I enjoyed this one a lot! After reading other comments, I used 12” base wires and 32” wrapping wires. This worked out perfectly! Thank you for sharing this tutorial with us!!

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