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Wire wrap tutorial by WireArtTutorials have always pleased me! The tutorial, "Blessed Cross Pendant" shows a metal wire artisan to make a cross with CZ calibrated stones! Check out the jewelry making tutorials!

Juli (Etsy)

I have ordered from this store several times and I am always overwhelmed. Both the quality of the tutorials and the materials, as well as the contact with the customer have been insanely good. The tutorials were very detailed and it was easy to follow them even without any real wire wrapping experience. I like to buy here again and again.

Desiree (Etsy)

This was the second ever wireart piece I did. As well as with the first one I bought from here, the tutorial was awesomely well done and every step has its own picture. The wire is not too closely measured as well, so there is even a little space for mistakes. Can't wait to get another kit and more tutorials from you. Thank you so much!

Ever (Etsy)

Every Christmas gift was re eived with joy and admiration! I used my own wire for one as I wanted to make it in silver for the person. The stones are fabulous quality and the wires are good lengths, not skimpy. Fabulous kits for anyone wanting to learn wire jewellery or extending your previous knowledge. The daisy was hardest. Loved making these!!

Sarah (Etsy)

Absolutely love our product!! I purchased it as a Christmas gift for my godson to do with me and the seller went above and beyond. We received it quickly, it came already gift wrapped and the seller included an extra holiday themed gift. I highly recommend! Thank you!

Vanessa (Etsy)

I absolutely love this diy-kit tutorial.
It was my first ever wire wrap project. The instructions were very clear with great quality photos for explanation. The end result is just amazing. I am so happy I found this great seller that made a wonderfull pendant.

Esmeralda (Etsy)

A beautiful design at a great price. I'm looking forward to being able to artfully twist my wire in bold new ways, plus learn a new weave! Also, my thanks to this vendor for rapidly and courteously taking care of a buying mistake on my part: I bought the same tutorial twice, and upon realizing the mishap, I emailed her and did not download. She handled this for me, and I was able to obtain the other tutorial -- one copy of each and not two copies of just one. I appreciate the understanding and help!

Elizabeth (Etsy)

These tutorials are excellent! Very well written, very detailed, all the measurements spot on. Contacted seller with a question, not about her tutorial, but just general wire weaving. She responded right away. I'll be ordering the elephant next!

Victoria (Etsy)

LOVE THIS PENDANT!!!! The workmanship on this is so over the top in quality!!! I also purchased the tutorial and will be using her finished pendant as a guideline!!! Thank you Ericka for this pendant and for your incredible communications throughout the purchase!!! Much joy and Love...

Laura  (Etsy)

Very COOL tutorial!!! I Love learning new techniques, and I am going to enjoy trying different shaped stones with this design and create it in silver.

Thank you for all your expertise and hard work in creating it. I know it is not an easy process.

Gaynor (Etsy)

Stumbled across this beautiful necklace while searching through excellent tutorials. I am so very, very pleased to have this necklace and it’s unique. The wire work is exceptional. Thank you!

Marianne (Etsy)

I've bought several tutorials from this shop and they are always very detailed with great close-up images and are easy to understand. The designs are lovely as well.

Trish (Etsy)

Arrived quickly with all pieces included. I also contacted the seller because of having trouble with the download and she responded right away and helped me out. I haven’t begun my creation yet—a little intimidated with the gems and moon. But the technique of the tree is amazing!! Thank you so much!

Karen (Etsy)

Beautiful Elephant Pendant. Looking forward to making it for one of my sisters. Professionally made tutorial. Always a pleasure to receive the instant download and great instruction. Thank you.

Elizabeth (Etsy)

I love wire wrapping, but I am a rank beginner. I also love tutorials, and I am constantly looking for the best ways to take my jewelry to the next level. I feel that this is one of the best tutorials I have come across. The pictures are clear and understandable. The instructions, though short, are clear and achievable. These bracelets build on the same technique, but they seem easy to accomplish. Recommended!

Lynda (Etsy)

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