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Edit your jewelry pictures online for FREE

Have you ever wondered how you could edit your wire wrapped jewelry pictures online without any cost?

Here's a step-by-step tutorial on using the free photo editing program called Pixlr. Access it free at

Open your browser in your computer and type:

Now click on the button: OPEN IMAGE

You will be able to browse in your folders and choose the image you would like to edit.

Once your image is loaded, it will open this online application to edit your picture. I will show you a very basic editing, but feel free to test the multiple other options this website offers.

On the left side choose the option ADJUST & FILTER

Here you will see several edition options, but the most important is the light.

Click on the button LIGHT.

If your picture is too dark, as in my case, then you have to pull the Shadow to the right side direction. If you have too much light on your picture, then pull it to the left side until it is necessary.

Now add some Highlight to your picture, as much as you like.

Add some Contrast too, to make the background and the jewelry pop.

If you feel that your picture is still too dark, add some Brightness to it.

Now click on the option DETAILS.

To highlight the small details in your jewelry, add a little bit of CLARITY to it. Do not add too much, otherwise it will look unreal.

Now add a little bit of sharpness to it. Again, do not exaggerate, as your picture will look very unreal.

First click on the button APPLY at the bottom of the edition options on the left side, then if you are ready with your edition, click SAVE on the right lower side of your window.

It will open this window where you can choose the file format you wish to save your picture and the image quality. I will leave the JPEG option for the file type.

I recommend you to push the image quality up to the maximum. It will give a much better resolution to your picture.

Now all you need to do is to download your picture and it is ready.

Next time you open this website, you will see your edited picture on the main page. If you desire to modify it or to add some effects to it, then you can reopen it again. Have fun! :)

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4 comentarios

This is wonderful! I've had such a hard time with getting good photos. Thank you!!!

Me gusta

10 jul 2022

Thanks so much for this amazing and free alternative to Photoshop. I’ve used pho for years but this is so much easier to use and so much affordable. My photoshop is so old it’s a miracle it still works, lol. I won’t need the thick book I have to help me be able to use photoshop. This is a winner in every way possible not only for my jewelry but for all my photos.

Thanks again

Me gusta
Erika Pal
Erika Pal
19 dic 2023
Contestando a

I am so glad to read your comment and to know the article is helpful.

Me gusta

Thanks so much for sharing this with us. I have used photoshop but it isn’t user friendly. This is so much easier to use and faster.

Me gusta
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