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Printed version available on Amazon: "First Time Wire Wrapping Jewelry Intensive Course for Beginners"or type this code in your Amazon search box: B0BCS36ZH3


This book is a downloadable PDF version, which has 116 pages.

Intensive wire wrapping course for beginners with 13 full projects designed by WireArtTutorials.Thisdigital  book has been designed for complete beginners who need a full guideline to start learning wire wrapping jewelry. The techniques and tutorials will guide you with high resolution pictures for each step, and well written instructions.


In this digital book you will find:

-all the information you need about the beginner tools, wires, gemstones, with guidance and recommendations

-multiple wire wrapping and weaving techniques, how to make your chains and loops, ear wires, and more

-13 full tutorials of pendants, rings, earrings and bracelets, using gemstone cabochons of different shapes and beads of different sizes

-extremely useful tips directly from the creator


Learn more about the designer here: and join to her big tutorial directory here:

First Time Wire Wrapping Jewelry intensive Course

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