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All the WireArtTutorials designs are made with SOFT (dead soft), round copper wire. NO SOLDERING NEEDED!!!

After your purchase, the PDF file will download automatically, which includes 26 pages in total and 95 very detailed, high resolution pictures. If your file does not download, contact me and I will send it to your email address.

TOOLS needed: flat nose pliers (or chain nose pliers), round nose pliers & jewelry cutter.

-base wire: 18ga (1 mm) or 20ga (0.8 mm) wire
-weaving wire: 26ga (0.4 mm) or 28ga (0.3 mm) wire

-1 teardrop cabochon between the size 35-45 mm tall

-1 round or oval cabochon between the size 8-15 mm

You can use other size as well, but then you may need to adjust the weaving rotation number and use longer base and weaving wires.

The high resolution pictures are showing every single step, with the corresponding well written instructions. Everyone can easily follow this tutorial without previous experience, as the guide is very detailed. If you will have a question, or if you need help, you can contact me anytime. I am very happy to assist you until the tutorial is completed and your beautiful jewelry is ready.

The design includes different techniques which you can use later in other jewelry designs as well. You will learn several wire wrapping, weaving techniques and cabochon setting. This is a great combination to learn a lot of beginner and intermediate techniques.

NOTE: Feel free to sell your jewelry made with this tutorial, however the project is under Copyright law, which means that you can not reproduce and sell the tutorial, neither parts of it.

Happy wrapping!

Cleopatra Pendant wire wrapping tutorial

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