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New Jewelry Making Challenge

Updated: Feb 15

Join this month's wire wrapping challenge by learning how to make this gorgeous heart pendant. In this asymmetrical design I will show you how to capture a cabochon in a half heart shaped setting. You will only need a teardrop shaped cabochon of 35 mm tall (it can be 30 mm tall as well).

I was very surprised to see all your beautiful results from the previous challenge, and thanks to everyone who participated. If you did not see the post, then here you will find the participants results in the comments section:

While this is not a jewelry making contest, everyone who participates has a chance to win a 25 Euros voucher which can be used for the PDF tutorial downloads (a random winner will be chosen by an online name picker app).

I can't wait to see what everyone makes out of this design, and of course your stone choice.

So let's start :D

(This jewelry making challenge is open until the 15th of February 2024)

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