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Hiren S Boot Cd 8.7




  so that the installer runs to a new partition a: if you do nothing, do you expect to move from where you are? a: make a backup first ikonia, first boot doesn't show up... ActionParsnip: you mean create a backup? ikonia, I've got 3 options: Windows 7 Starter(E), Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional. ActionParsnip: i have no files, just a usb drive with 500 mb of empty space i do want to move the data from that usb drive to the new usb drive a: if you have important data on your usb stick then make a backup of that first, then install to the partition on the new drive, that should install you to the root of that partition ActionParsnip: so i need to format the partition on the new drive as NTFS to make it into a bootable drive? a: when you use the USB stick to install, you will be offered the option to make the install partition a NTFS partition a: it won't make the partition a NTFS partition, it will install to the partition a: the installer is able to do that for you ActionParsnip: so after i create the partition on the new drive, then what a: then run the installer as you would normally. After the partitioning is done, go to the partition you just made and copy the files you want from the USB to that partition ActionParsnip: is there a way to do it without having to do the partition? Good Morning all--I was wondering how I can install ubuntu 10.04.3 and not the desktop version? tigerboy: desktop version? a: I am still confused, what are you wanting to do exactly? ikonia: I want to download the desktop version of ubuntu 10.04.3



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Hiren S Boot Cd 8.7

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